Twitter Scavenger Hunt: Pirate Pride Edition

Hi everyone! This week’s assignment was a Twitter scavenger hunt to find and display Pirate Pride. Molly and I worked as a team and got some really unique perspectives on what people love most about Seton Hall. We each took on 5 tweets, all prompting different questions about campus, and Molly even created a video showcasing what she does at WSOU- so cool! What we loved most about this project was that it forced us to think within the realm of a PR professional. Although there is some controversy swirling around the Seton Hall community regarding graduation issues, there is still lots of love for campus as a whole and it was our job to find and display it publicly, just as we would in PR! We also liked that the project looked at all aspects of Seton Hall. Even though some of the tweets were tricky, we ultimately found a new appreciation for some things on campus with the help of our fellow students. Below, you’ll find our completed scavenger hunt, as well as some highlights from the class as a whole. Enjoy and go Pirates!

As Blue Crew Admissions workers, part of our job is to give tours to prospective students on campus both during the week and on weekends for Saturday tours or open houses. During open houses, Blue Crew starts setting up at 6 A.M! Marisa says that seeing campus buzzing with people who are genuinely investing in Seton Hall gives her the motivation to give her best tours- even if the sun hasn’t come out yet!

As students, we spend most of our time studying in the library so having a Dunkin Donuts built in is so nice! Whether we need a caffeine boost, some brain food, or just a spot to step away from our work and hang out for a little, Dunkin’s got it all.

Even though Professor Stetz thinks that social media is an overall positive thing, he fears that it could lead to difficulty in communicating person-to-person.

Sometimes people our age get a lot of grief over relying too much on social media for news, but that’s not always a bad thing! Laura gets most of her news from theSkimm, a blog that compiles the biggest news stories and emails them in subscribers in a newsletter each morning. She says it makes it easy to keep up with what’s going on.

Rob is a junior in the PT program. His 3 years at Seton Hall have challenged him academically and he can’t wait to start grad school next year and begin the exciting research he’s heard about from upperclassmen.

This was taken right before it started to snow this morning. South Orange really is beautiful!

This was a great find by Molly. I can’t wait to check it out!

Seton Hall has the most loyal fans!

Did you know there are over 130 clubs and organizations on campus! There’s truly something for everyone to get involved in.

WSOU consistently gets praise for being one of the best college radio stations in the country but seeing all of these bands that have visited makes them that much cooler!


Here are just a few of our classmates tweets that we thought were interesting.


And last, but not least, Molly’s awesome video from her radio segment!



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