Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting refers to a recent type of reporting in which a journalist uses a cell phone to report about a story on the go. Mobile reporting is great for when a story revolves around an event that is happening. The journalist can actually be a part of the event and get a first hand account of what is happening, allowing them to give a more authentic story. Journalists can use this to gain attention for their own personal brand. Professional news outlets can also take advantage of this because they are able to add to and update a story as it is happening. News agencies who take advantage of this method are already ahead, because readers or viewers no longer need to go to the nightly news or next day’s paper to receive the newest version of the event. Mobile reporting is easy to access because it requires technology that most people already have. All that is necessary is a cell phone, or perhaps tablet or laptop, and a knowledge of all aspects of social media, including posting a video or picture or use of hashtags. Overall, mobile reporting is just one example of how journalism and PR are changing with the arrival of social media and technology. As we discussed in previous classes, the basic skills are still the same, just updated to fit the medium.


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