The End of an Era: Announcing Dr. Esteban’s Departure from Seton Hall

Campaign Goal

To pursue open communication with the Seton Hall community regarding Dr. Esteban’s departure to avoid confusion and frustration.

Target Audiences & Goals

Seton Hall students– To actively communicate with students about their concerns for Dr. Esteban leaving as to not allow them to feel abandoned or add to their frustrations with the university.

Seton Hall families– To assure parents that the state of the university is still in good standing and will continue to follow the upward path it is currently on.

Seton Hall alumni– To remind alumni of all the improvements Dr. Esteban made and ensure that they will continue to drive Seton Hall up in rankings with the help of their donations.

South Orange community– To give the community assurance that the university is still prospering and its culture will not change.


“A bittersweet moment- Dr. Esteban will make his next career move as Depaul University’s first lay president (link)” – geared at students

“Dr. Esteban is stepping down as President. Take a look at what your generosity helped him accomplish (link)” – geared toward alumni


Blog Posts

Post #1- Geared towards both parents and alumni

Written by Matthew Borowick- Interim VP of Advancement

The theme of the post would highlight the advancements that Seton Hall has made under President Esteban’s guidance and assure them that although President Esteban and David Bohan may be leaving, there is still strong leadership within the university and a solid foundation that will help it continue on its upward path.

Post #2- Geared towards students

Written by President Esteban

The tone of this post would be heartfelt and personal. Dr. Esteban could reminisce on some of his favorite moments here at SHU. He would explain his reasons for leaving, assuring that the quality of the university was in good hands and that he would always  be a pirate.

DePaul Announcement Live Tweet

Tweet #1- “Join us as Dr. Esteban discusses his new role as @DePaulUniveristy’s first lay preside here (link)”

Tweet #2- “William E. Bennett, Chair of DePaul’s Board of Trustees, sits down with Dr. Esteban to get to know Depaul’s new president.”

Tweet #3- “Dr. Esteban was drawn to DePaul for their Vincentian mission, one that hits home for him.”

Tweet #4- “Dr. Esteban and his wife came to America with a suitcase full of books. His motto? Work harder than everyone else.”

Tweet #5- “We’re excited for Dr. Esteban to start his journey in the windy city. Best of luck!”

Potential Issues

Question: Who will be the next president?

Answer: The university is starting the search for the new president. We will keep students as updated as possible during this time. For now, Dr. Mary Meehan will serve as the interim president.

Question: Is Dr. Esteban leaving to avoid some type of controversy?

Answer: No. The university is thriving thanks to the leadership of Dr. Esteban and will continue to do so. Dr. Esteban loves Seton Hall, however, DePaul is simply a better fit for him at this point in his life.

Question: What will happen to the projects Dr. Esteban started?

Answer: The welcome center, medical school, and other campus updates will continued as planned. The university still has strong leadership throughout various departments on campus and will all work for what is best for students.

Question: What about graduation?

Answer: Dr. Esteban does not leave until July 1st. Until that time, he will work to ensure that students are having the best experience possible. This includes working to solve graduation issues.

Question: Will the next president be a priest?

Answer: At this time we do not know that answer. We will review the best candidates for the position, both priest and lay, and decide based on who has the best qualifications.

Live Event

Title: Pirate for Life- Dr. Esteban Answers Your Questions

This event would take place on Facebook. When doing a live video, users can comment questions and the person doing the video can see them in real time. Dr. Esteban could be filmed in different places around campus, saying what he loves about them, and answer any questions about his departure.


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