Seton Hall SAA to Begin Recruitment Process

NEWS RELEASE                                                              

March 28, 2017



Seton Hall Student Alumni Association to Begin Recruitment Process

SAA Seeks Eight New Members

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J.—The Student Alumni Association is looking for eight school spirited new members to join the organization. Each spring, SAA looks for members to replace its graduating seniors and enhance its presence on campus through event planning, networking, and educating the student body about the Pirate community. In time time leading up to recruitment, members will be highlighting their experiences in SAA on social media using the hashtag “#TheSAAWay.”

Core Facts

  • The application process is multistep. Applicants must attend an interest session, complete an application, interview, and go through a group process. Each of these steps is to assess how each member would fit into SAA’s team.
  • In previous years, there have been as many as 60 applicants.
  • SAA is a well-regarded group in the student advancement community. The Council for Advancement and Support of Education and Affiliated Student Advancement Programs (CASE ASAP) awarded SAA with Outstanding Organization in its district and Laura Tecza, President of SAA, with Outstanding Student Leader. CASE ASAP also recognized SAA’s hard work by choosing it to cohost this year’s annual conference in Columbus, OH.
  • SAA plans events on campus such as Bounce N Trounce, True Blue Month, Pirate’s Birthday, and Talk like a Pirate Day. In the previous year, it has beaten its records in these events with over 200,000 bounces at Bounce N Trounce, 800 thank you cards signed during True Blue Month, and over 1,500 students engaged throughout the year.
  • SAA is the keeper of Seton Hall’s favorite traditions like visiting Ms. Virginia, never stepping on the seal, and rubbing the Pirate’s foot for luck. It aims to preserve these traditions to connect students and alumni in a more personal way.


  • “We’ve been working to revamp our recruiting process so we’re eager to see the payoff once we get our applicant pool. We love being able to work with the highest quality of students who are involved in a wide variety of clubs and come from all majors.”- Walker Mondt, Vice President.
  • “SAA works hard to promote why they love their organization. Recruitment is an exciting time for our members to find other students who share their love for Seton Hall. This is especially true for our graduating seniors, who are essentially looking for people who will continue their legacy.” –Daniela Gloor, SAA Advisor.


Founded in 2005, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an undergraduate organization that works in partnership with Seton Hall’s Alumni Relations office. The group seeks to better the University community by fostering relationships between current students and graduates, fostering school spirit and educating undergraduate students about the benefits of a life-long relationship with Seton Hall University.

The Student Alumni Association creates dynamic campus programming to engage students, faculty, staff and alumni in its mission. SAA founded Spirit Week at Seton Hall, created Pirate Pandemonium, and works with the office of Alumni Relations on exclusive networking events for its members.

For more information, contact Jessie Stivers, Director of Member Relations at or 570-933-0558. For updates about SAA’s events and giveaways, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


*** Although SAA is currently recruiting 8 new members, this was an assignment for class. For both the press release and the social media element, I made up the quotes. I’m sure, however, the sentiment within them would be echoed in actual quotes. ***


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